Monuments of history and architecture

I.S. Silin’s dwelling house

The dwelling house of the merchant I.S. Silin, is a two-story, quadrangular building. It is located in the center of the historic part of the city. I.S. Silin was one of the brightest representatives of the merchantry wave in Akmolinsk town at the turn of the XIX - early XX centuries.

The monument is connected with the revolutionary period of the history of the city. By decision of the session of the district Soviet of Deputies dated March 15, 1918 it was adopted an ordinance to organize the Red Guard in Akmolinsk town for the protection of workers' interests against the encroachments of the bourgeoisie. Among the organizers there were Shlyashenko, Monin, Zadorozhny. Mikhail Avdeev, a Baltic sailor, sent in Akmolinsk town in December 1917 on the instructions of the Petersburg Military Revolutionary Committee and the Central Committee of the RCP (B), was appointed as the commander. The Red Guard consisted of two companies: the headquarters and the first company housed in the building of a former printing office, the second company was located in the building of the merchant Silin’s house.

In the 90-ies of the twentieth century, in the building there was a Medical Center of the Administration of Affairs of the President, in 1997-98 - the Commission Headquarters for the displacement of the capital city.

In May 19, 2005, during an official visit to Kazakhstan of Alexander Lukashenko - President of the Republic of Belarus, in the building the Embassy of Belarus in the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened. On the ground floor there is a reception hall, meeting room and rooms for consular service. On the second floor there are the offices of the Ambassador and staff of diplomatic mission.

The initial appearance has been fully preserved, in spite of the modern renovation. The rectangular two-story building with a laconic finishing of facades forms a historical development zone of the city. The organizing center of the main facade is a porch with columns, on which a balcony rests, topped with an attic.

The decoration of a wall surface is dryish and weakly prominent profiling of architraves on every window, interfloor stay brace and a profiled cornice. The roof is gambrel.

The building area is over 363 square meters.

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