Monuments of history and architecture

“October” Cinema Theater (Restaurant and hotel complex "AK Sunkar")

The building was built in the early XX century. Since its construction until the end of the 90s of the XX century it was used as a cultural and recreational center. The first cinema (cinematograph) appeared in Akmolinsk in 1910. The cinema theater was called “Meteor” and was built by merchants A.I. Skvortsov and D.V. Egorov. After a fire destroyed the cinematograph “Meteor”, in 1913 the brothers Egorovs built a new one, called “Progress”. In a period of economic and cultural development there were several functional cinemas in the city. The most famous were – “October” (a modern building of “Ak Sunkar” hotel), “Rodina” (“Homeland”) (located in the area of modern Congress-Hall building), “Stroitel” (“Builder”) (the area of Agro-town, now in the building there is a foam manufacturing plant), “Sholpan” (was located on present Koshkarbayev Street in the area of Asem shopping center).

In 2000, the cinema theater “October” fell under renovation, the building became a restaurant and “Europa Palace” hotel (the current name of which is – “Ak Sunkar”). In front of the hotel there is a monument to Kazakh folk composer and akyn Zhayau Musa Bayzhanuly.

As a result of reconstruction in 2000, the original appearance of the facades and interiors were changed. The additional details have been appeared: a modern entrance roof overhang and stone lions outside the main entrance. In the former auditorium, instead of two floor levels three have been made, where there are cabins in the form of theater boxes for 6-8 people with a view to the stage.

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