Monuments of history and architecture

Fence of the “green" mosque constructed in1895., Abai Street, 83

The stone fence of the mosque, which existed in the beginning of the century, is located in the central part of the city on Abai Avenue. The mosque was located on the former Tserkovny Street (now the corner of Abai and Republic Avenues). The population called it – “Tartarian” or “Green”. It was called “Tartarian” because it was built on the initiative of Mursalim Mirkamalov hadji of volost management of Janybek Baibekov (great-grandfather of Saken Seifullin) at the expense of Nurmukhamed Zabirov, the richest merchant of Akmolinsk, a big cattle dealer, a merchant of the 2nd guild, in 1895. And it got the private name “green mosque” thanks to green oil paint, which it was painted. After closing and restructuring it there was a house of pioneers in it for a long time. Subsequently, when the Pioneer House was moved to the central square in the former building of the municipal committee of party, the remains of a wooden mosque were removed. In 50-ies of the XX century a three-storey residential house was built on the site of it. To this day it was preserved only a fragment of the fence of the “green” mosque presented by brick pillars and metal forged openwork grilles. The total length of the preserved area is 71.5 m.

The forged decorative metal grilles are arranged on a high solid base between plastered, square in section, brick columns. The brick pillars of the gate and the wicket of the main entrance are connected by arches. The brick columns of the fence have metal hipped covering.

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