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Weather station

The first meteorological station in the territory of Astana was opened by K. A. Lazarev in November 1, 1870 on his own savings. In 1873, the Main Physical Observatory sent a complete set of tools to this enthusiast  for making meteorological observations as well as instructions of the academician G.I. Wild. For equipping of a new weather station K.A. Lazarev chose a place in the southern part of the fortification, within 100 m from the bank of Yesil River. From that moment K. A. Lazarev had become the main correspondent of the Main Physical Observatory. After leaving of K. A.Lazarev the weather station operated until 1885.

The current building was constructed in 1916. The one-storey building of the weather station was built by Ekaterinburg Observatory by order of Nikolaev main physical observatory, and it was associated with the inception of a meteorological service of the city. So far, it is used for its original purpose.

The building has a rectangular shape in plan view with an adjacent small rectangle at the entrance, and bears the signs of patterned stone architecture. The composition of the main facade is symmetrical, that is quite typically in classical architecture.

The building has retained its original appearance, with the exception of the later additions, which are subject to disassembling. The facility is of historical and architectural value. In general, the building’s architecture is another example of Russian folk stone architecture.

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