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Museum-memorial complex of political repression and totalitarianism victims “ALZHIR” 2007 Tselinograd district, village Akmol

Museum-memorial complex of political repression and totalitarianism victims “ALZHIR” is located near Astana, at the place of ALZHIR- the Akmolinskiy camp of “Wives of the traitors of the Motherland”, in the village of Akmol (35 km south-west from Astana city). In spring 2007, on the Day of Remembrance of victims of political repressions, there was opened the only in the post-Soviet space Museum-memorial of the History of Political Repression and Totalitarianism Victims “ALZHIR”).

   The museum complex was created by a group Kazakhstani architects, sculptors and engineers headed by Saken Narynov.

   The Akmola special division of KarLag NKVD was formed on the basis of the 26th township of labor settlements based on Order of the NKVD of the USSR under No.00758 dated December 03, 1937 and Order on Administration of the KarLag NKVD under No.0043 dated December 16, 1937. The first peg of the 26th point appeared lakeside Zhalanash before camp appeals and barbed wire and was directly linked with Stalin’s appeal to liquidate kulaks as a class. On February 28, 1938 the first prisoner transport arrived. The watchtowers of ALZHIR guarded sun- barracks where 200-300 women lived. It was the largest Soviet women's camp. The name was associated with the composition of the prisoners, major part of whom was repressed in accordance with NKVD Operation Order No.00486 as a CHSIRs – “Traitor of the Motherland family members.” There was another colloquial name for the camp division the “26th point” since the camp was located in the 26th township of labor settlements.

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