Monuments of history and architecture

Merchant house 1846

A single-storey wooden house is located not far from the old town center at the intersection of Seifullin and Auezov Streets.

Since the middle of the XIX century, trade has begun to flourish in Akmolinsk. Generally, traders go to Akmolinsk to buy cattle. Already in the 40-ies merchants have settled here from Vladimir province, Ekaterinoslav, Kypgan, Petropavlovsk.

In 1846, one of the representatives of the merchant class in Akmolinsk built a one-storey house with a basement for the office for accounting acquired goods. In the twentieth century there was “Zorka” kindergarten in this building. In February 20, 1988, thirty years after the posthumous rehabilitation of Saken Seifullin, as per the order of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR the museum in the name of  Saken Seifullin  was opened in the building. It is the repository of history monuments of material and spiritual culture related to his life and work, the museum has more than five thousand exhibits. These are unique photos, books, little-known documents, photos, and copies of archival materials, newspapers, personal items belonging to Saken Seifullin and his family. The museum exposition is located in six halls.

The museum has become one of the historic centers of Astana. Here public events, excursions, themed traveling exhibitions are held.

Planning structure of the corridor type is indicative of an administrative purpose of the building. The house is built of logs with a high hipped roof with an attic.

Repair and restoration works had been carried out (in 2008, 2019), in consequence of which the building acquired a new, vibrant, festive look.  Basement, being earlier in poor condition was renovated and equipped with a warehouse and office space.

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