Monuments of history and architecture

Gymnasium end of 19th century, (Academic Russian Drama Theater named after M. Gorky)

In 19th century, the building was initially constructed as a gymnasium. This was a two-storey structure of red brick having an interesting and unique architecture. In 1899, the Administrative Board of Akmolinsk and merchant-patron S.A. Kubrin allocated 100 rubles to buy the building for a theatre. And, finally, the theater was assigned the official status and its own house. In 1899, the first permanent troupe was created. Mr. Moiseev, political exile, actor of the imperial theater of Semipalatinsk city, became the first manager of the theater. The first theatrical season was opened by a music comedy in one act “Flare at the home-fire” by author Fedorov.

In 1913, the tartaric troupe of G. Aubakirov started working here. This year, in honor of 300th anniversary of the Romanovs’ reign, the troupe produced a stage play named “Life for the czar. Ivan Susanin”.

According to famous theatre historian B. Kundakbayev, S. Seifullin put a play named “Bakyt Zholynda” and other performances on this stage by efforts of the Kazakhstani youth in 1918.

In Soviet years, the third floor was built on, the scenic roof of the left wing and box with grating facilities on the roof of the left wing were constructed, and additions to the left wing and façade were built.

Because of the war, the theatre was dismissed in 1942. In May of the same year, the Russian drama theatre named after Voroshilov arrived to Akmola on train. The local troupe joined the theatre. Thus, the theater appeared in the city again. One year later the Voroshilov troupe left, and the half of actors stayed in Akmola. Then actors from women-captives of the Akmola Camp for the Wives of Traitors joined them. Based on this troupe, in 1943 the Oblast Musical-Dramatic Theatre was created, consisting of the Kazakh and Russian divisions. Olympiada Luganskaya headed the Russian division, and Zagipa Tnalina, and later Sakypzhamal Gizatulina, managed the Kazakh division. Shortly thereafter, according to the Decree of Sovmin on closing of Maly Theatres, a question regarding their further existence arose. Nevertheless, the art community found a solution and created Atbasar Regional Collective and State Farms Travelling Theatre. Zagipa Tnalina headed this Theatre, and Sakypzhamal Gizatulina became a chief assistant. In 1955, the Theatre was closed. On September 10, 1955, the Ministry of Culture of Kazakh SSR issued the order on opening of the Akmola Oblast Dramatic Theatre. Yevgeny Orel was elected as a principal director. In 1955, the theatre was assigned the name of Maxim Gorky.

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