Monuments of history and architecture

The house of P.G. Moiseev 1914-1918-1921

The two-storey brick building with the operated basement was built in 1914 as a residential house for merchant Moiseev P.G. The monument is related to the establishment of the Soviet system in Akmolinshina. Akmola district council of workers, soldierly peasant and Muslim deputies and District committee of the Russian Communist Party (of the Bolsheviks) were located in this building in 1918, the District committee governing the defense of Akmolinsk city during the offence of the Ishim White Guard gang was there in 1921. In 1920, the building was occupied by the 1st Akmola district city committee of the Young Communist League headed by the St-Petersburg worker P. Grekov. Now, this building is used as the Central Clinical Hospital for the GPW disable people. The house underwent a reconstruction. A three-story hospital building was attached to it on the east side. Former entrance doors are walled-up and a new entrance from the side of Bukeikhan Street was arranged instead of them.

The architectural style represents the eclectic of the beginning of the 20th century. The façade of the building reminds of reproduction of forms of the palatial architecture of the Florentine Early Renaissance. This style is strongly demonstrated in window openings and cornices executed in shaped masonry of chiseled brick.

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