Monuments of history and architecture

House of the merchant D.V. Egorov, the end of the XIX century

The monument is a sample of residential architecture of the late XIX century. It belonged to D.V. Egorov, a merchant in Akmolinsk town. In the building there was the town military enlistment office for many years, then a recruiting station. Today, in the building there is the military enlistment office again.

The partnership of the merchant D.V. Egorov, and his brother P.V. Egorov was taking two sections of the lower floor of the building of the Siberian Commercial Bank. There was “Rensky cellar” of the Partnership, where expensive grape wines were sold and fresh fruit did not disappear throughout the year from the shelves.

Portals, arranged on the gable walls of the building and on the south facade (3 pcs.), are terminated by horizontal stepped cornices, and crowned by columns on the axes. Their upper plain surfaces (between the stepped roof cornice and the portal cornice) are decorated with a bow-shaped cornice, with a round small window under it. The roof is metal with dormer windows. Some openings have been bricked up, new ones have cut through.

The building was repeatedly subjected to renovations, during which it lost its original appearance (1999, 2003). In 1999 it was carried out the reconstruction of the building, as a result of which its original appearance was disfigured. Decorative brickwork of the cornice, interfloor belt and architraves, and façade surfaces as well were covered with plaster.

D.V. Egorov was a well-known merchant and commoner in Akmolinsk at the beginning of the ХХ century. It is known a little about D.V.Egorov’s life and activity. In 1910 together with A.I.Skvoptsov he built the first cinema – “Meteor” in Akmolinsk. In 1913, together with his brother P.V.Egorov he built another cinema theater, which was given the name – “Progress”.

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