Monumental art

Mosaic panels “Space” and “Print”

Mosaic panels “Space” and “Print” are located on the main facade of the building of the former printing plant (Beybitshilik Street, 25). The authors of the mosaics are muralists V.I. Tovtin (1935-1997) And M.Ya. Antonyuk (1935-1993). The mosaic panels “Print” (left side) and “Space” (right side), were set in 1972.

The basic idea and the theme of these works are the expression of free speech, press, progress, that were brought to our times by the artists, poets, writers - A. Kunanbayuly, Sh. Kudayberdyuly, M. Auezov, S. Seifullin, T. Shevchenko, V. Mayakovsky and other. The Soviet reality is represented the boy and girl on the background of the opened book, which is the compositional center of the mosaic panel “Print”. The composition is completed by the thought, “... in the beginning it was the Word”, which means the letter “A”.

The next panel “Space” is an impersonation of the progress of science and technology in the form of a young girl in the national costume.

Both panels in its ideological content have something in common with the thoughts and aspirations of our contemporaries, the ideals and ideas of sovereign Kazakhstan. The works have not lost their ideological and artistic value, and are the adornment of the city’s architecture to this day.

These panels are highly artistic works of monumental art of the 70-s of the twentieth century, which have historical and artistic value.

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