Уважаемые жители и гости столицы относитесь бережно к памятникам и объектам историко-культурного наследия, это визитная карточка столицы, история города, ваша гордость, наследие.


Dear citizens and guests of Nur-Sultan city!


SMMO “Directorate for preservation of monuments and
sites of historical and cultural heritage”
of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan city was organized on December 24, 2014. There are 46 state protected monuments and sites of historical and cultural significance. Of them: 2 nationally significant and 44 of local significance.

Nur-Sultan represents a polyethnicity of culture, which is reflected in landmarked and public art buildings. Ancient settlement Bozok, silent kurgans, House of the merchant V.Kubrin, house of merchant P.Moiseev, school of B.Koshchegulov, Konstantin-Yelenin church, the Zhanibek and Kereyu, Abay, A.Pushkin, Zh.Zhabayev, Charles de Gaulle, B. Momyshuly, V. Panfilov monuments and many others are cultural and historical values  as they represent material and spiritual culture monuments.  Historical and cultural monuments bring a certain historical implication and are the witnesses of people's destiny. Therefore they are meant for education of generations

 The official recognition of the term “cultural heritage” was recorded in 1972 in the UNESCO Convention on Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The term “cultural heritage” started to concretize only when the Soviet Union ratified the international Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1988.

 Nur-Sultan is unique not only in the architecture of history and monuments of great poets, writers, musicians, public and political figures, but also in modern architecture and monumental art. Such structures as “Baiterek”, “Kazakh Yeli” monument, “Mangilik Yel” triumphal arch which encompass history and modernity attract great attention and rightly became the architectural landmark of the capital. Many objects were included into the sacral maps of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Nur-Sultan city.

The goal of the Directorate is to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage for the future generation. Employees form a correct understanding of history by studying and promoting. Thus, historical and cultural monuments are sources of aesthetic and historical knowledge.

Dear residents and guests of the capital please take care of monuments and sites of historical and cultural heritage. They are architectural landmark of the capital, the history of the city, your pride, your heritage.

Memories and Objects
of Cultural Heritage of the Nur-Sultan


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